Annie Is Ironman (or Ironwoman)

September 7th, 2015

Annie is Ironman

At AGJ, we recently voted on our first-ever employee of the quarter. The vote was close, but Annie Boudreaux won the coveted Ironman trophy!

We'd like to thank Annie and all of our AGJ Rockstars for the excellent job they do!


Clean Up With Microsoft Clutter

September 1st, 2015

Have you ever noticed that some of your email is urgent and some is low-priority. Would you like to have this email sorted so that you can handle the urgent messages quickly while addressing the low-priority email later? Microsoft's Clutter does exactly this.

Do You Accept Credit Cards? Watch Out For These 5 Gotchas

August 27th, 2015

If your company is not fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards, you could be at risk of a serious tangle with attorneys. Technically, PCI guidelines are not a hard-and-fast set of laws. However, merchants can still face big liabilities for not meeting them.

Are you backing up your smartphone?

August 20th, 2015

Just last week, I talked to a friend who had his cell phone repaired by a local cell provider. Unfortunately, during the repair, they erased his phone...and he didn't have a backup. He lost over 1200 very important contacts.

You regularly back up your computers and servers (or at least you should), but do you do the same with your smartphone? Given the huge amount of contact information, photos, videos and other data we all carry around on smartphones, it’s critical to back them up or risk losing all that data forever.

Is Your Server In A Closet?

July 23rd, 2015

Is your server in a closet? If so, check out this summertime warning...

Confusion. Dizziness. Muscle cramps. Fatigue. These are a few of the early signs of heat exhaustion in humans. But did you know that your SERVER can also suffer from heat exhaustion and “meltdown,” causing slowness, blue screens, random reboots and other problems? If you keep your server in a closed closet or other small, confined space, here are three things you need to address during hot summer months to avoid premature loss of your equipment and data.

Don’t Let IT Projects Empty Your Wallet

July 20th, 2015

We hear it every week...a new prospect tells us how their old IT provider promised them the world, but ended up over-promising and under-delivering on their new project...

In fact, it happened just last week. We received a call from a local business that we talked to six months ago.

Windows 10 Is Here!

June 29th, 2015

Today is the day. Windows 10 is here, and it's free...but do you need it?

Today is the day. Windows 10 is here.

What is it?

Windows 10 is the newest operating system from Microsoft. After the tremendous success of Windows 7, Microsoft lost some ground with Windows 8. To right the ship, they’ve invested a lot of time and energy to make sure Windows 10 solves the complaints from many users.

5 Things To Never Email

June 27th, 2015

Do you spend your days answering email? If you live in email like most users, make sure you NEVER give out these five pieces of information.

In the book Spam Nation, cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs revealed the single most effective way cybercriminals gain access to your bank account, credit cards, and identity.

Facebook Account Hacks – Hey! That’s Not Me

June 23rd, 2015

Twice within the past two weeks, we’ve had users who have found people impersonating them on Facebook by creating fake accounts. This is becoming a big problem, so let’s dive into the different types of fake accounts and discuss how to stop them.

3 Cloud “Gotchas”

June 18th, 2015

Are you storing your data in cloud apps? Here's a few things to think about if you are...

Are you using any cloud applications to store data? Then listen up! There are a few “gotchas” you need to know about 3rd-party cloud apps that most sales reps will NEVER tell you.

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