Work with a Trusted Technology Advisor for IT Consulting

Does the thought of changing your network infrastructure keep you up at night? Do you want to move to cloud services but aren’t sure how to do it?

Then it’s time to talk to the IT experts AGJ Systems & Networks. Our experienced IT consultants will change your outlook on technology by showing you how technology can grow your business.

IT Consulting and Project Services from AGJ Systems provides you a dedicated virtual CIO (chief information officer). That means you get expert advice from an industry leader who’ll take the time to understand your needs and goals.

AGJ Systems’ consulting can include project implementation, taking all the risks and headaches away from you and your internal IT team.

We first take the time to understand your business, then we create a customized IT solution that aligns with your business objectives.

With over 300 years of combined IT experience, our team has experience with large- and small-scale networks, security and compliance regulations, and the business software your organization uses.

If you are not confident in your IT systems or are looking for a strategic IT roadmap, then reach out to us.

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IT Consulting

Technology Made Simple

IT doesn’t have to be complicated – with the right partner. We work with businesses just like yours to identify the best IT solutions for your current and future needs. With cost effective solutions and efficiency in mind, AGJ doesn’t try to oversell or suggest products and services that aren’t right for your organization. Instead, we focus on creating a lasting partnership to help with your ever changing technology requirements while lowering risk and keeping your business moving forward into the future.

Technology Roadmap with IT Consulting

Create Your Technology Roadmap with IT Consulting

When it comes to IT, there is a lot for a business to tackle – and many can’t do it alone. They may be unaware of where to start, or they could be using outdated strategies that no longer truly work for the business. That’s why AGJ partners with organizations to identify the best IT roadmaps for their individual needs, wants, and budget. We assist with prioritizing, getting new projects off the ground, replacing outdated or inefficient hardware, and more to ensure you have the best path ahead of you for technology.

Technology Advisor for IT Consulting

Cost Effective
IT Solutions

Our IT consulting helps you identify the ideal solutions and avenues that keep technology and phone costs down, allowing you to put that money towards other areas of your business.

Technology Made Simple

Improved Business

With fewer IT worries and concerns and a better understanding of hardware life cycles, you can focus more than ever on the core aspects of your business while also improving productivity and efficiency.

Technology Advisor for IT Consulting

Your Risk

Working with a trusted IT partner means you can become compliant within your industry, reducing the chance of potential fines, and improve your approach to cybersecurity.

Technology Roadmap with IT Consulting

Find the Solutions That Fit
YOUR Business

AGJ doesn’t try to fit you into a box. Instead, we focus on identifying the best solutions, products, and services that fit your most pressing and unique IT needs.

Experience that Best Serves Your Technology Needs

Our years of experience mean you can focus more on what you do best – running your business – and what we do best:
finding the ideal IT approaches for your bottom line and efficiency.

Dr. Erin DeWitt

"At the recommendation of a colleague, I engaged AGJ when I decided to open a private medical practice. I wished to focus on the practice of medicine, while allowing an experienced team of IT specialists deal with the complex security and technological components required to practice medicine today. AGJ has been available whenever I have called and has provided personal, professional service. I would recommend them to friends and colleagues. Good job!”

Dr. Erin DeWitt

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It’s Time to Take a Different Approach to IT

IT consulting can be the difference-maker when it comes to your business’s success; it improves productivity and efficiency, lowers costs, and allows you to focus more than ever on those areas of your company that matter the most to you.

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Don’t Put Your Business at Risk Unnecessarily

Going without a solid approach when it comes to IT can prove disastrous to your business, and you could potentially be putting your entire company at risk. Without a roadmap in technology, you could be out of compliance, over spending, using old, outdated technology, and holding open the door to cyberthreats. Is it really worth putting your business at risk any further?