Elevated enterprise level it security for Better compliance, regulatory Audits and more!

The new remote workforce model has required many Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana businesses to rethink their security posture and policies. Cybercriminals continue to expose the many new vulnerabilities from additional endpoints and connectivity security gaps.

You need to protect your business from security threats no matter where they originate. To effectively avoid data breaches and cyberattacks and to ensure that you and your team remain compliant with all applicable regulations, organizations must revisit their processes to manage the collection and sharing of the data they gather. With AGJ’s security first approach to data safety clients receive a robust, layered security solutions that incorporates both internal and external variables and everything from high-level threat protection to end-user workflow needs.

When you need more, think AGJ Systems’ LeapSecure Plus Program.

Leap secure plus includes all the security tools and security of our LeapSecure Managed IT program with the addition of our best-in-class security features for a layered approach to securing your network against ever changing cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. It is ideal for government municipalities, financial and banking, accounting, healthcare and any organization who needs to adhere to a stringent security plan.

Features include:

  • Domain monitoring (dark web)
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • SIEM - real time monitoring
  • Next generation antivirus with EDR and roll back feature
  • Cybersecurity insurance policies
  • Training and cyber awareness phishing simulation campaigns
Kimberly LaRosa

"Our office relies on AGJ for all of our technology needs and we are never disappointed. The fast (and always friendly) response from the help desk and the confidence of knowing our data is backed up and that our network is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week helps us focus our time and energy on running our business. We trust them to keep us streamlined and productive and I know I can count on them to help us succeed. We LOVE our AGJ crew!"

Kimberly LaRosa
Renaissance Community Loan Fund

Why AGJ Systems & Networks’s LeapSecure Managed IT Security & Monitoring gives you peace of mind:

  • Minimize downtime due to cyberthreat
  • Protect critical assets from ransomware, malware or hacker attempts
  • Filter spam and block productivity-draining content
  • Email and mobile devices are secured
  • Protection from data loss with backup monitoring
  • Proactive protection with self-paced training videos

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