Keeping your business safe from disasters of all sizes

As a business owner or manager, you know just how critical your data is to your growth and success. However, what you might not realize is that most organizations suffer data loss due to more localized issues, including human error, rather than from a major disaster.

While we pride ourselves on our resilience to hurricanes, tropical storms and floods, Gulf Coast businesses do need a remote backup disaster recovery plan.

Remote backup disaster recovery plans ensure your business can keep moving towards the future – even if disaster strikes.

Types of IT Related Disasters

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Human Error

Human Error

Hardware Failure

Hardware Failure

Major outages

Major outages



Don’t Put Your Organization at Risk

Are you of the mind that your business is just too small to be targeted by cyber criminals? Or a natural disaster won’t be enough to hurt your company’s finances? Or that human errors will only have small impacts on your operations? These are risks you simply shouldn’t be taking. Any company, small or large, can be the victim of cyber attacks, human error, or natural disasters.


Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions Help You Plan for the Worst

No matter where the threat comes from, your organization needs to keep its data protected and recoverable in the face of disaster. Cloud disaster recovery solutions allow you to cut down on downtime, increase customer satisfaction and confidence, and ensure business continuity. If an employee accidentally deletes a file, a ransomware attack locks you out of your data, or power outages make your business-vital information impossible to reach, you’ll still have a way to move forward.

With data backup from AGJ Systems, your data is protected by state-of-the-art continuous disk-based backup technology, the most reliable backup method available.

Continuous backup combined with standby server technology gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on what’s really important – your business. And since we own the hardware, you’re protected from obsolescence. AGJ Systems combines data backup and disaster planning to make sure your organization is future-proof and primed for success no matter what happens.


Let’s Start The Disaster Recovery Planning Process


We Start With A Consultation

First, we want to assess what your current approach to disaster and recovery is. We’ll have a conversation, go over your strategies, and discuss your short and long term goals and concerns.


We Help You Develop a Backup Plan

With your goals, needs, gaps, and concerns in mind, we’ll start to develop a disaster recovery plan that best suits your business and keeps your data secure. All of it is customizable.


We’re With You if Disaster Strikes

If your business is the unfortunate target of a cyber attack or affected by a natural disaster, we’ll put our incident handling response plan to work and recover the data for you. We’re on standby for your business before, during, and after.

We Know What You’re Up Against

Do you know how much each minute of downtime could cost your business? We have the experience you need to ensure your cloud disaster recovery strategies and solutions are a solid match for any threats you may face – we’re with you every step of the way to help you achieve security.

How Long Will You Put off Disaster Planning and Put Your Company
at Risk?

Just because nothing bad has happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. In fact, ransomware attacks are up year-over-year: up 300% in 2020, up 100% in 2021, and up 100% again in 2022. It’s not a matter of if you are attacked, it’s a matter of when. And failure to properly protect your data could lead to loss of customers, heavy fines, and even the loss of your business if the incident is serious enough.

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Testimonials: Real Success Stories - Our Clients Speak Out

"Brian stepped me through warranties on our server and what the heck a BDR is (and started us on a plan to work towards that for our office); Jesse has been holding my hand through updating our disaster plan and answering ...Read More

Denise Carver
Renaissance Community Loan Fund

How AGJ Systems Can Help with IT Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all disaster recovery plan. Your disaster recovery plan needs to be customized, based on your business and customer priorities. This is where AGJ Systems comes in. As the Gulf Coast’s leading IT consulting and managed technology provider, we have a deep understanding of disaster planning and network security. Call us today for a disaster readiness assessment. Let’s have the conversation now, not when that next category 5 hurricane is coming our way.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery from AGJ Systems & Networks has you covered:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning - tailored to meet the needs of your organization
  • Data backup and recovery - ensuring your critical business data is impenetrable
  • Global redundancy - prevent a crisis by spreading out your backup to eliminate a single point of failure
  • Continuous data protection - upload snapshots of file changes as soon as they are made, so you can recover any changes made throughout the workday
  • Rapid restoration of files and emails - helps you get back up and running as fast as possible
  • Virtualization of failed servers - slashes unproductive downtime from days to just hours
  • Remote offsite storage - safeguards data and ensures you are staying compliant
  • Built-in archiving - a far more cost-effective and reliable method than tape backups
  • Round the clock monitoring and management - proactive, 24/7 care ensures the integrity of your data

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