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Gain Confidence With IT Security

Over the past 20 years, AGJ has helped countless Gulf Coast businesses bring their network security to the next level. We focus on keeping your computer systems running smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on what’s important to your organization. Rated the #1 MSP in Mississippi, we understand the unique challenges your business faces when it comes to IT, network management, and cybersecurity. Let us be your go-to expert in the Gulf Coast community.

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Gain Confidence With Network Security

Don’t Wait Until There is a Problem

While you may want to wait until your business actually runs into an IT problem, the saying is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cyber threats have only gotten worse in recent years, especially on an international level. Any business or organization can be a target, large or small. If you’re not sure what network security you currently have in place, don’t have sensitive information backed up, or don’t have a strategy for hostile employees, you could be playing with fire.

Don’t wait until you’ve been hacked. Delaying your focus on IT security can be extremely costly for your organization and put your entire company at risk.

Have a Plan for Cyber Threats

Businesses and organizations are constantly going to be under threat of cyber-attacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. By focusing on a solid IT security strategy with us, you’ll feel more confident in your network, be eligible for cybersecurity insurance, and have a plan if the worst occurs. And if the worst does happen, we can jump into action immediately and handle it for you with a remediation strategy.

Get Your Plan

We offer companies solutions including:

  • Network monitoring
  • Critical business systems management
  • Intrusion detection system monitoring
  • Real time analysis of security alerts
  • Other tailored IT services to fit your business
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Without IT Security, You’re Putting Your Profits at Risk

Failing to have a strategy for IT security can seriously put your entire company at risk. You’ll be more susceptible to ransomware and likely unable to secure cybersecurity insurance. In the event of a successful attack, you could experience lengthy downtime while you try to fix the problem.
The result is lost customers, damage to your reputation, and having to replace all of your hardware. Many companies aren’t even aware of the risk they face and the dollar amount they face if an attack should be successful.

Protect Your Business Now

Leave all your network worries to us

By keeping your IT network secure and your systems running smoothly and efficiently, you can focus on what’s important, like growing your business.

Our network management and security services include monitoring and management of your critical business systems that are the lifeline to your customers: voice, email and internet.

Our intrusion detection system monitors your network for malicious activities and reports them to a security information and event management system (SIEM). This provides real-time analysis of security alerts and eliminates the threats immediately.

At AGJ Systems, we tailor our IT services to meet the needs of your business. If you need a fully managed account, our Complete LeapCare Plus services are the best fit. If your business prefers purchasing a block of hours for your IT needs, we have the services you need to keep your business secure and efficiently running:

Cindy Duvall

"AGJ is easy to work with, creative, knowledgeable and detailed oriented. They have a true passion for doing things correctly, meeting scheduled timelines and becoming an integral part of your team."

Cindy Duvall
External Communications Manager
Mississippi Power

Flexible IT network and solutions designed to fit your business needs:

  • Fully managed IT services – provide peace of mind for all of your network and security needs
  • Add on additional solutions – flexible security and networking services to secure and grow your business
  • Block of hours – for your supplemental IT needs and projects

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