Managed IT Services for
Healthcare Institutions on the Gulf Coast

Take control of your budget, efficiency, productivity and security with Managed IT services from AGJ. We have the experience and the certifications to address the distinctive challenges faced by healthcare institutions on the Gulf Coast.

Empower Your Medical Institution
with Cutting-edge Technology

Are you a healthcare institution battling network security issues, outdated hardware or inadequate backup and disaster recovery measures? It’s time to shift your perspective of technology from a problem to a strategic asset that reinforces and bolsters your operations. Adopting a refreshed approach to IT can ensure you meet the demands of your industry while focusing on productivity and efficiency.

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Ideal Partner for Maximizing IT Potential and Regulatory Compliance

Managed IT services and solutions should not strain your budget. Partnering with the right team ensures that your technology complies with regulatory requirements while being cost-efficient. Our focus is on delivering solutions that align with your organization’s goals, needs and existing infrastructure.

IT Compliance

Enhance Network Security

By deploying advanced network security practices and ensuring robust documentation, your healthcare institution can strengthen its defenses against data breaches, phishing attempts and cyberthreats.

managed IT services

Drive Efficiency and Productivity

Our managed IT solutions ensure the use of up-to-date and secure hardware, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity across all aspects of your operations.

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Access an Experienced Team for
Unparalleled Support

You can benefit from a seasoned IT team for unrivaled support. At AGJ, we have over 20 years of experience providing managed IT services to healthcare institutions. We have a team of highly skilled technicians that offer 24/7 monitoring to strengthen your IT capabilities.

Network Security

Helps to Ensure Compliance with

Our team of experts stays abreast of industry regulations, providing you with the advice and tools necessary to maintain compliance. You can concentrate on your core business with peace of mind, knowing that your IT systems are both compliant and secure. (Check out our IT Risk and Compliance Assessment to see if your business is at risk!)

Managed IT Solutions

Why Choose AGJ Systems for Your Healthcare Managed IT Solutions?

AGJ Systems is a trusted IT partner for numerous healthcare institutions throughout the Gulf Coast regions of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. With our extensive experience in implementing, maintaining and securing complex information technology systems in the heavily regulated healthcare sector, we are well-equipped to handle the unique cybersecurity and compliance challenges you face.

Choosing AGJ Systems as your managed IT provider means entrusting your most critical technology challenges to us. You can focus on your core business while we ensure your crucial networks and systems perform optimally, providing you with a robust and secure IT environment that never lets you down.


How Can AGJ Assist Your Healthcare Institution?

Municipal Organization

Let’s Talk

Begin a dialogue and consultation with us to discuss your current IT challenges, concerns and objectives. We’ll gain a clear understanding of your unique situation and desired outcomes.

Municipal Organization

Customized Solutions

Next, we’ll craft a personalized plan incorporating managed IT services and solutions specifically tailored to address the gaps and goals of your healthcare institution.

A Dive Into Solutions

Implementation and Ongoing Support

Upon approval of our plan, we’ll start implementing the solutions, provide comprehensive training to your staff, ensure ongoing support and enhance documentation and security.

Take Command of Your Technology Today

Partnering with AGJ could be the transformative step your healthcare institution needs to propel your patients, team and operations to new heights.

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AGJ’s Tailored Approach to HIPAA Compliance

We adhere to our clients’ specific policies while diligently tracking paperwork (picking it up from the client and bringing it to AGJ), storing it in a secure drawer unless actively working on the machine, and maintaining a HIPAA chain of custody form signed every time a technician interacts with one of the machines. This special attention to HIPAA compliance safeguards your patients’ data, fostering a secure environment for sensitive information.


AGJ Systems provides:

IT Consultant

Fast :

Rapid response to any IT events that might cause downtime.

Network Security

24/7 :

Rapid response to any IT events that might cause downtime.

Managed IT Services

Consultation :

We’ll provide cost-effective, proactive technology recommendations to keep healthcare units operating efficiently.

IT Consultant

Cybersecure :

With the latest cybersecurity technology and support, we’ll protect your internal network and systems against infections and intrusions.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

HIPAA Compliance Experts :

As a cybersecurity provider, we ensure compliance with stringent financial industry regulations, safeguarding your financial data and transactions against ever-evolving cyber threats.

To learn more about how AGJ Systems can assist your financial institution, call (228) 392-7133 or contact us today