Managed IT Services for
Non-Profit Organizations on the Gulf Coast

Take control of your budget, efficiency, productivity, and security with Managed IT services from AGJ. We have the expertise and certifications to address the IT challenges faced by non-profit organizations on the Gulf Coast.


Empower Your Organization with Cutting-edge Technology

Are you a non-profit struggling with network security issues, outdated hardware, or inadequate backup and disaster recovery measures? It’s
time to view technology not merely as a challenge, but as a strategic tool that augments and fortifies your mission. A refreshed approach to IT
can help you meet the unique demands of your sector while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Our team at AGJ is the ideal partner for maximizing your IT potential!

The Ideal Partner for Maximizing Your IT

Managed IT services and solutions should enhance, not strain, your budget. Collaborating with the right team
guarantees that your tech infrastructure is in line with industry best practices, all the while being cost-effective.
We’re committed to providing solutions in tune with your organization’s vision, necessities, and existing systems.

IT Compliance

Fortify Network Security

By harnessing advanced network security techniques and ensuring rigorous documentation, your non-profit can enhance its defenses against data breaches, phishing attempts, and other cyber threats.

managed IT services

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Managed IT Services

Our solutions guarantee the deployment of up-to-date and secure hardware, translating to increased efficiency and productivity across your operations.

IT solutions

Access an Experienced Team with
Unparalleled Expertise

Tap into the strength of an experienced IT squad. At AGJ, we’re proud of our 20+ years of experience offering managed IT services to non-profits. Our talented technicians provide 24/7 monitoring, amplifying your IT strengths.

Network Security

Helping to Ensure Your Network is
Compliant and Secure

Our experts are consistently updated with industry norms, preparing you with the advice and instruments needed to ensure compliance. You’re free to focus your core mission with the confidence that your IT infrastructure is compliant and protected.

Reliable managed IT solutions have freed volunteer to further the non-profits mission by gathering signatures.

Why Choose AGJ Systems for
Your Non-Profit’s Managed IT

AGJ Systems stands as a trusted IT ally for numerous non-profits throughout the Gulf Coast regions of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. Thanks to our comprehensive experience in deploying, sustaining, and shielding complex tech systems, we’re well-poised to handle the distinct cybersecurity challenges your organization might face.

Choosing AGJ Systems means allocating your pivotal tech concerns to us. Dive deep into your primary mission while we make sure your critical networks and systems are in peak condition, offering you a steadfast and secure IT environment.


How Can AGJ Assist Your Non-Profit?

Municipal Organization


Initiate a dialogue with us about your prevailing IT challenges, concerns, and ambitions. We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your unique situation and envisioned outcomes.

Municipal Organization

Tailored Solutions

We’ll sketch a custom plan, embedding managed IT services and solutions that address any existing gaps and align with your organization’s aspirations.

A Dive Into Solutions

Implementation and Continuous Support

After endorsing our strategy, we’ll roll out the proposed solutions, furnish your team with comprehensive training, pledge unwavering assistance, and enhance documentation and security measures.

AGJ offers superior IT support to further the mission of your non-profit organization.

Elevate Your Mission with
Superior IT

Joining forces with AGJ is the strategic move your non-profit needs to increase your impact, elevate your team, and take your endeavors to unprecedented heights.


AGJ Systems Offers:

IT Consultant

Fast Response:

Quick interventions for any IT disruptions.

Network Security

24/7 Monitoring:

Round-the-clock oversight for your IT infrastructure, assuring top-tier performance.

Managed IT Services


Forward-thinking and budget-friendly tech advice to keep non-profits thriving.


Unyielding Cybersecurity:

Leveraging cutting-edge cybersecurity tools, we protect your internal networks and systems from potential hazards.

For more insights on how AGJ Systems can bolster your non-profit, call (228) 300-9514 or reach out to us today.

Get help for your non-profit organization today!

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