Best Practices for EMR implementation

April 10th, 2015

Implementing an EMR system does not happen overnight. It’s a big responsibility that demands diligent oversight and careful planning. There is a lot to keep track of, and the sheer number of details inherent in such a switchover can easily snowball if the project is not attacked with the proper tools.

We’ve created this downloadable checklist based on our experiences with several healthcare clients. This guide is written to help you tackle the implementation project with ease. The 3 best practices contained within will help you implement your new EMR system with far less stress and worry than you might expect.

One of the most important best practices is to consistently communicate with your staff and your IT partner. Keep your staff updated on the implementation process and your IT partner on any needs or obstacles that arise. Communication is key in this process.

Download the Checklist

While not included in the checklist, we highly recommend working towards meaningful use with your new records system. does a great job clearing up confusion on this topic.

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Also, we compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid when implementing a new records system.