Common problems with EMR implementation

April 2nd, 2015

If implementing an EMR system is taking more effort than you expected, don't fear. The implementation of a new records system is a challenge to even the most tech-savvy offices.

We've compiled a checklist featuring the most common mistakes offices make when moving to an electronic records system. The checklist lays out 5 mistakes that are all too easy to make when implementing an EMR system.

Download your copy to ensure a smooth transition.

Here is the second most common mistake we see: poor training protocols. All too often, practices do not provide complete training. If they do, the training often happens too early or too late, which means that employees cannot properly apply their training.

Read more about this and 4 other mistakes in the downloadable EMR implementation checklist.

Downland the Checklist

Check back here next week to learn 3 best practices related to EMR system implementation.