Upgrade from Windows Server 2003 today in order to keep your business data secure.

January 30th, 2015

Heads up! Microsoft will stop sending security updates for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015.

What this means, in short, is that Windows Server 2003 will no longer receive updates or security patches from the manufacturer. Any organization still using Server 2003 after the July 14th deadline will be at particular risk of being hacked or experiencing data theft.

5 Snares to Avoid When Purchasing an EHR System

January 26th, 2015

Electronic Health Care Record systems, also known as EHR or EMR (electronic medical record systems), enable increased data accessibility and improved office efficiency. And once meaningful use of the system is achieved, eligible professionals, hospitals, and critical access hospitals can earn incentive payments.

Our January Newsletter is out!

January 21st, 2015

Technology Times January Edition
Web security, disaster recovery, profitability – all of these topics and more await you in our January newsletter.

Our cover story: We spotlight the need for a disaster recovery plan in your office. Whether it’s fire, flood, hurricane, or all of the above, a good disaster recovery plan can get you back to work in almost no time at all.

The Top 4 Data Backup Mistakes We See

January 16th, 2015

Recently we started working with a new client on the Gulf Coast. When we first met this client, their office manager listed several technical problems that were plaguing the office. Of the problems listed, backups were not one of them. They had just spent $20,000 on a new server that would host their backups, and felt great about their data backup regiment.

Balancing Data Security and Customer Convenience

January 9th, 2015

Did you know that patient health records can fetch up to $1,300 each on the black market? A treasure-trove of personal information, patient records are among today’s most sought after cyber targets. Last summer alone, over 5,000,000 patients had their personal data compromised.

The 5 Do Nots of Data Security

January 1st, 2015

Last week we encouraged you to do five things to keep your data safe. This week, we lay out five things that you should not do, for the sake of your data.

Do not allow websites to remember your password. All too often, websites store your information insecurely, putting you at risk of data theft.

Info Inside: Our December Newsletter is out!

December 31st, 2014

Technology Times December Edition: Season’s Greetings from the Gulf Coast!

Solutions, reviews, and a rant – all this and more in our December newsletter!

Our cover story: When anti virus software just isn’t enough, turn to a Unified Threat Manager.

The 5 Do’s of Data Security

December 22nd, 2014

Today, data is everywhere. We spend the majority of our work lives with our computers connected to the world-wide-web, leaving our data especially vulnerable. But knowing is only half the battle of data security. Here are 5 “Do’s” that will help keep your information secure.

Healthcare & IT in 2015

December 19th, 2014

Healthcare is an ever-changing landscape. Healthcare providers must be active, if not proactive, when it comes to meeting HIPAA privacy and security regulations and understanding changes coming down the line (many of which are just starting to be enforced).

Get out in front of 2015 with these great resources that detail what you can expect from the healthcare world in the coming months.

What is Managed Services?

December 5th, 2014

Your growing business needs tech support. Naturally, you turn to Google and enter, “IT help” or “tech support in ‘my city’”. These are great search terms, and you’re on the right track to finding the assistance you need. However, as you have researched your options you may have come across the term “managed services”. What does this mean? How do managed services providers differ from regular IT support companies?

Managed services providers work on your information technology systems just like the best IT support companies, but managed services providers operate on a fundamentally different philosophy.

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