What’s A Hot Spare?

December 7th, 2015
What’s A Hot Spare?

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Every office needs a spare PC that is available if needed. What if you had a failed hard drive? What if you spilled coffee into your PC? What if you have a new employee starting and need a PC as soon as possible?

In all of these cases, you could be without a PC for several hours...or several days. If you have a spare PC turned off in a storage room, you're doing better than most. However, when we retrieve that computer, we have to turn it on, run security updates, update antivirus software, and install the latest versions of the software that you use. This could, and usually does, take hours. With a "hot spare," we keep the extra computer up and running all of the time (preferably in your server room). We can keep it updated every day and ready to go when you need it.

We recommend a hot spare, and we suggest that it's a good, reliable PC (can you say "new").

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