Security Alert – CryptoWall 4

November 25th, 2015
Security Alert – CryptoWall 4

Crypto Wall - Information Security

We have begun seeing CryptoWall 4 ransomware within the past few days. This latest version has advanced malware mechanisms to avoid detection and now encrypts file contents and file names.

With the latest version of Crypto, the FBI has stated that they have no advice for businesses who have been affected other than to pay the ransom.

Of course, we're always working to keep you safe. For this reason, we're in the process of updating all managed firewalls at our managed clients. If you have a managed firewall from AGJ, we're now blocking internet traffic to/from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. If you have any problems with your internet after this update, please let us know.

What you can do about it:

  1. A managed firewall is the best "first line of defense" for almost all external security threats.
  2. Daily (or more often) backups with regular backup testing is great insurance against Crypto. With good backups, you'll never pay ransom.
  3. Desktop antivirus that is updated daily is the third piece of the puzzle.
  4. User education is the final piece of network protection that should be addresses

And always be on the safe side; if you're not sure about something, you can always give us a call and we'll be happy to help.