Ocean Springs, MS

Ocean Springs is a city in Jackson County, Mississippi that is located approximately 2 miles east of Biloxi and west of Gautier. There were 17,442 people living in Ocean Springs as of the 2010 U.S. Census. It is located in the Central Time Zone of the United States. The current Mayor of Ocean Springs is Kenny Holloway. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Dr. William Glover Austin coined the name "Ocean Springs" in 1854, after believing that its local spring water had healing properties. The town went on to become prosperous and reinvented itself as a historically-oriented residential community years later. Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Biloxi Bay Bridge that connected Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The bridge had been constructed in 1962 and was damaged by Hurricane Camille in 1969. The ruins of this historical bridge became a popular spot for photographers; both professional and amateur among them captured the breathtaking results of Hurricane Katrina's force on it to share with others around the world. New construction for the new version of the Biloxi Bay Bridge began in April 2008, which is 95' tall at its main span supports six lanes traffic upon completion.

The town has a reputation for being an arts community. It was voted as one of the top 10 Happiest Seaside Town by Coastal Living in 2015. The historic and secluded down town area, lined with live oak trees, is home to several art galleries and shops. It is also home to many ethnic restaurants that are uncommon around other communities

The city has a total area of 15.2 square miles and is classified as subtropical. The hot, humid monsoon season lasts from late spring to early autumn with frequent afternoon and evening thunderstorms with torrential downpours. Thunderstorms are usually short but can be strong or even severe. The area also experiences tropical weather like hurricanes, depressions, and storms in the summertime. Winters are warm with occasional cool spells. Summers always bring hot and humid conditions that last both day and night.

The ethnic makeup of the city is 85.4% White, 7.4% African American, 0.40% Native American, 3.1% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.3% from other races, and 2.2% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race are 4.2% of the population. In the city, the population is spread out, with 5.6% under the age of 5, 6.7% from 10 to 14, 6.6% from 15 to 19, 4.8% from 20 to 24, 5.1% from 25 to 29, 11.8% from 30 to 39, 15.4% from 40 to 49, 14.8% from 50 to 59, 11.1% from 60 to 69, and 11.6% from 70 and above. The median age is 42.1 years.

Ocean Springs is served by the Ocean Springs School District. Elementary schools include Pecan Park Elementary School, Oak Park Elementary School, Magnolia Park Elementary School, and Ocean Springs Upper Elementary. The city has one middle school and one high school: Ocean Springs Middle School and Ocean Springs High School. The city also has one Alternative school: E. H. Keys Alternative School.

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