April 8th, 2016

Several weeks ago, a German company found a security hole that affects unspecified versions of Samba and Windows machines. Little is currently known about the flaw (named Badlock), but the company which discovered it will be releasing the details to the public later this month. Hackers are expected to release malicious software to take advantage of this hole immediately after the details are made public.

Microsoft is working on a patch for this security vulnerability, and the fix will be released on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. This critical patch needs to be installed on all Windows computers and servers ASAP (after April 12). Typically, AGJ tests all patches from Microsoft before installing. However, due to the critical nature of this patch, we’ll be bypassing our usual procedures and aggressively installing it immediately.

If you’re a Managed Security or Complete Care client, we’ll be installing this patch for you. We’re asking you to:

  1. Logoff your computer when you leave for the day (on April 12)
  2. When you get to work on April 13, please reboot your PC*

We’ll remind you during the day on April 12 to logoff your PC when you leave.

If you’re not a managed client, we recommend installing this patch as soon as possible after April 12.

*If you’d like AGJ to automatically reboot your PCs, please let us know.