Amazon Echo – Like Siri For Your House

September 30th, 2015
Amazon Echo – Like Siri For Your House

Amazon Echo
Have you checked out the new "smart" speaker from Amazon? It's not Rosie the Robot, but...

It’s not Rosie the Robot, but your first voice request to Amazon’s new Echo moves you one step closer to living like the Jetsons… Think of it as a plugged-in version of Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

This “smart” speaker in a 9¼ x 3¼-inch cylinder can order products, play your favorite playlists, turn off lights, set a timer, look up and give you sports scores, tell you the weather forecast, read you a book from Audible, and more.

You might even get it to tell you terrible jokes…

It won’t replace a high-end stereo, but the sound quality compares with any Bluetooth speaker, and it can fill a good-sized room in your home.

Bottom line: Echo offers hands-free, at-home audio access to just about anything on the web, with better sound than a smartphone or tablet.

All in all, it can make your life easier. And maybe just a little more fun.

We've been testing it for the past few months, and we rate it 4.9 stars!