The 4 myths about IT services that every growing business should know

November 8th, 2014

As your company grows, it’s important to keep costs low, but not all expenses should be shoe-stringed. Consider these 4 common misconceptions about IT service companies that cause business owners to skimp on IT support and lose valuable uptime.

Misconception #1:

“My computers and networks do not require regular monitoring and maintenance.”

After all, they are machines, right? Clicking “Install updates” should take care of everything.

Like all machines, and especially those with moving parts, failure is bound to happen at one time or another. Hard drives are spinning all day, and heat is being generated for as long as your computer is “on”. These kinds of things put a lot of stress on your computer, and that’s just the hardware side of computer maintenance (only 10% of computer problems are hardware-related). Software, antivirus programs, firewalls, and files all need proper and proactive attention.

Lack of system maintenance is the main reason why growing companies lose valuable uptime, and subsequently incur large costs from unproductive staff and inefficient computers.

Misconception #2:

“Tech savvy friends, family, and neighbors are reliable resources for keeping my computers running and my data safe.”

Many people look for a part time guru – usually a friend or family member – who can work cheaply and save their business a bit of money. While they may love computers, and likely have some real skill, certain issues can easily overwhelm them because of their limited experience. We frequently receive calls from business owners who desperately need certified professionals to salvage lost data, restore equipment, or help to recover from another catastrophe caused by lack of experience or training.

Work with your friends and family to network and grow your business and to encourage you on a tough day but consider other options for the great responsibility of the computers, servers, and other technology systems that keep your business going.

Misconception #3:

“All IT services companies are created equal. Your best option is the one that offers the lowest price.”

Some things in life are great bargains but most of the time we get what we pay for. In the world of IT services, a bargain may well be an indication that a company is not offering the same services or level of experience or, possibly, not the same guarantee of response or uptime. If you’ve made the decision to outsource the management of your IT as a way to supplement skill you already have in-house, or as your complete solution, you will want to be sure you are asking all the right questions.

Be careful when choosing the low cost provider. Charging less than experienced and professional shops can be a sign of newer IT companies or individual consultants that won’t be able to quickly or correctly address all of the needs of your growing business.

Misconception #4

“An honest IT service company should be able to give you a quote over the phone.”

Over the phone quotes are simply not accurate. Besides watching out for companies that undercut their more experienced competitors, also be on the lookout for companies that quote you a cheap rate over the phone or in an email just to get in the door. We’ve seen companies offer a cheap initial price, only to add “overages” that double or triple the original proposal.

An honest and professional IT firm will rely on a thorough inspection and analysis of your IT situation. Your prospective IT service company should want to visit your business and understand your unique needs, equipment, and any challenges that are present. You will get an honest and accurate quote as well as a fair rate.

You will be much more efficient in the long run if the IT service company can professionally assess your equipment with an audit plan and tools designed specifically for that purpose.

Looking for more?

These are just a few misconceptions and tips on IT services for growing businesses but there are many other things to consider when looking for an IT service provider. We wrote the book on IT and would love to send you a free copy.