Winterproof Productivity with IT Consulting

October 27th, 2021
Winterproof Productivity with IT Consulting

The holiday season is here! Is your Gulf Coast business ready? What about your employees? This time of year can be tough for some companies and between all the vacations and dreams of a big holiday dinner, productivity can be lacking. Get more organized and stop the scramble that happens year after year! It’s time to take advantage of our services, including IT consulting and support. Check out these ways that AGJ Systems & Networks can help your business thrive — even during the holidays — and help you actually enjoy this time of year.

Yule Make the Most of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and similar tools, can do wonders for your organization’s productivity. The resources include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and others. They help with a variety of tasks that any business needs to operate and thrive. They also make communication a breeze and file sharing easier than ever. Since you can use them anywhere from any device, they’re perfect for remote, hybrid or working in the office.

By employing Microsoft 365, your team can benefit from:

  • Reduction in redundancy or repetitive tasks
  • Easier document creation
  • Improved file sharing
  • AI-driven automation
  • Personalization
  • Remote work capabilities
  • Consistent experience across multiple devices
  • Improved communication

However, even if you have these tools, that doesn’t mean your employees are using them to their full capability – or at all. Our IT consulting experts will work with your team to ensure migration to these resources is without hassle or the stress that usually comes with change. We can analyze exactly where productivity is lacking with Microsoft 365 and help you make the most of it going forward.

Take Your Sleigh Into the Cloud

Is a move to the cloud in order? Not only does it bring more security to your work, it helps with productivity and workflow. Your employees will be able to securely access all the information they need. It's all in the cloud, whether they’re working in the office or from their vacation home just before they take their holiday leave.

A streamlined collaboration system like the cloud brings more efficiency to the table and makes it easier than ever to manage big data.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t always easy though. You need to know which cloud provider to choose and which data to back up. Securely sharing access with your team improves efficiency in your company. Our cloud services ensure you’re making the right decisions for your data and information, while also increasing productivity and efficiency for your entire business.

Stop Your Software and Hardware from Freezing

Work is changing. Remote and hybrid work is becoming the norm. With improvements in the available technologies, are your software and hardware keeping up with what your business needs from them? Or do they freeze on you regularly? If your team is constantly battling with their tools, it’s absolutely going to cut into productivity!

A lifecycle management plan could be exactly what your organization needs to replace the outdated or broken hardware and software one step at a time. These plans ensure you’re not buying all the new equipment at once, so you can stay within your tech budget without worry.

Our IT management and IT consulting team can also help you with sourcing. We can assist with identifying the best software and hardware for the job, based on your company’s needs. And right now, supply chain woes are everywhere. Getting the hardware you require can be tough on your own, but AGJ can reduce that turnaround time and get you what you need quickly.

Give the Gift of Productivity to Your Team

Productivity may be hard to come by during the winter season. We certainly won’t have a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday season doesn’t regularly cut into productivity and efficiency on the Gulf Coast. If you’re in this sleigh, we’re here to help.

Request a free, no-obligation IT consultation.

Our IT consulting and support team is dedicated to helping businesses just like yours relieve the annual stress and anxiety for businesses just like yours. We can help you

  • Identify and employ the best tools for productivity, including Microsoft 365 and others
  • Migrate to the cloud with security and efficiency in mind
  • Source the right software for your company’s needs
  • Quickly find and deliver hardware that may be difficult to come by at the moment
  • Craft a lifecycle management plan that doesn’t break the budget
  • Assist your team with understanding how to fully use the IT tools at their disposal
  • Improve productivity across the board, even when a good chunk of your team is on vacation

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You don’t have to do it alone. AGJ Systems & Networks wants you and your business to have a fantastic holiday season. We understand the burden that comes along with this time of year, and we here to help you overcome those hurdles by auditing your current IT infrastructure, crafting a budget that fits your company and increasing your team’s productivity. It’s time to achieve your most productive holiday season ever with us. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.