AGJ has given me opportunities to grow in ways I never would have believed! As lifelong learners, we’re constantly gaining new skills, and using them to benefit our community.

Many companies talk about their team dynamic, but my coworkers and our business partners are truly as close as family here. My wife and kids know and love the people I work with, and consider themselves part of the AGJ family as well.

I’ve never been afraid of hard work; in fact, I crave it. AGJ is special in that I feel my work is valued, enjoyable, and purposeful. I sometimes go home tired, but I never go home feeling like my time was wasted; it’s spent in the pursuit of goals that are meaningful to myself, my team, and the community I live in.

It’s wonderful to be in a job where I know I could be somewhere else, but wouldn’t want to be!

-M. Hutchinson

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