Team Viewer Hacked

June 8th, 2016
Team Viewer Hacked

Do you login remotely to your PC or server? If so, take a minute and check the program that you’re using. If you use Team Viewer to login remotely, we strongly suggest finding another remote access program (give us a call if you need assistance).

Last week, it was reported that many Team Viewer users were experiencing strange behavior. In some cases, it appeared as if their computers were being accessed by a third-party (hacker). While Team Viewer has been relatively quiet on the subject, it appears as if hackers have gained access to user accounts at Team Viewer. With these accounts, hackers could login to your PC and access your data.

While AGJ does not currently recommend Team Viewer, several major software vendors throughout the United States typically use Team Viewer. If you’re an AGJ managed client, we’ll check your systems and let you know if a vendor or employee is using Team Viewer. If you’re not a managed client, check all computers and servers and make sure Team Viewer is not installed.

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