AGJ System's Back-To-School

The kids are heading back to school for a year full of knowledge….isn’t it time you learned something new too?

Join AGJ for our Back to School tech series. This 3 part series will cover topics that are full of information to help you grow your business. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your desk to participate.

Session 1 : Linkedin: Are You Growing Your Business Yet?

August 26 @ 10am

Linkedin has over 300,000,000 users… and they’re all business professionals. You can use it for marketing, hiring, or even job searching. Linkedin connections are 5 times more likely to respond to you on Linkedin versus email.

Session 2 : HR Technology: Using Tech To Hire Smarter

September 16 @ 10am

Are you using technology to hire smarter? We’ll be showing you how to recruit top talent, test and screen your applicants, and keep your existing employees happy…. all with technology.

Session 3 : BYOA (Bring your own App): Threat or Not?

September 30 @ 10am

Did you know that apps like Dropbox can be a huge security risk? Last year, Dropbox was hacked twice… and some users had all their files exposed. Are your employees using Dropbox or other apps that could put you at risk?