Why your cybersecurity strategy should resemble hurricane preparation

Here on the Gulf Coast.

We need to be ready for just about anything.

Hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and even this past year, snow and ice. When we go awhile without a weather incident, or when hurricane paths turn away from our coastal shores, it is easy to fall into complacency. That’s when things can go very wrong.

The same holds true in today’s information security landscape. Every organization strives to maintain structures that need care and attention. Then, we mustn’t forget the tactics, tools and strategies that need to be ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Often, in the middle of the night.

And, just like hurricane paths, your plans may need to change. Bad actors, inclement weather and even unplanned human errors can disrupt your business.

Do you have the cybersecurity expertise to stay ahead of the next incident?

Decisions about cybersecurity have implications throughout your organization – not only for technology-focused teams, but for every team. The number of next-gen phishing schemes, ransomware and data breaches continues to rise, along with their level of complexity. Therefore, all of us have a role to play in keeping our organizations secure.

At AGJ Systems and Networks, we help our clients transform from value protectors to proactive forces of business. We promote resilience and enable your business growth through the best people, tools and processes you’ll find anywhere. We are here to help keep your organization secure and driving growth, while staying resilient and preparing for the unexpected.

This practical guide is for business leaders, managers and executives, in both technical and nontechnical positions.

You will learn to:

  • Craft and conduct a robust IT Risk Management Assessment
  • Calculate your risk tolerance
  • Build a layered cybersecurity framework
  • Understand the tactics necessary to defend and mitigate vulnerability
  • Bookmark the policy and procedures to avoid complacency and drift

Lower your risk profile and protect your data, networks and team!

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Jason Purvis
The team at AGJ continues to provide excellent support to our term. At their advice and under their direction, we set up and revised our business continuity plan. Exercising this plan at the start of hurricane season, we found some areas that needed reworking. The team at AGJ promptly gave us the support ...Read More

Jason Purvis
Purvis and Co. PLLC

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