Never Do This On Vacation

June 6th, 2015
Never Do This On Vacation


Vacation Alert! It's that time of year again when we're all thinking of vacation. If you're determined to get a little work done while you're out of the office, here's what you should NEVER do while you're away...

’Tis the season when you and your team will be taking a little time off to head to the beach or your favorite vacation spot, and while we know we should completely disconnect from work, many of us will still check e-mail and work while away — and that could end up causing some issues if you’re not careful while working remotely.

So before you head off to have a little fun with your laptop tucked under your arm, keep this in mind: never automatically connect to “any available network.” Not all Internet connections are secure, so if you’re going to log in to the company’s network, e-mail, or other critical cloud apps that are hosting sensitive information, ONLY do so on a trusted, secured WiFi and NEVER a public one. We recommend investing in a personal MiFi device that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot if you’re going to be traveling a lot and accessing company info (or use your phone as a hotspot). Our favorite vendor is Verizon, and their 4G speeds are excellent (we routinely see over 20 mb/s when we're using our hotspots).

Second, turn off the ability to automatically connect for all of your mobile devices and laptops. You will still be able to connect manually, but it will prevent your laptop or device from connecting to a questionable network without your consent or knowledge.

Finally, disable all printer and file-sharing options on your mobile devices. This is another way hackers can gain access to your network. In an ideal world, you and your employees would take a true break from work, but if they aren’t able to completely detach themselves, then at least require them to stay safe using the above tips.