Local IT Company Offers Free Network Security For Hillary Clinton

Local Computer Service Company Offers Free Network Security Services To Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton.

Gulfport, MS – AGJ Systems & Networks has offered free network security services to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Dear Madam Secretary:

AGJ works with small and medium business clients on a daily basis. Almost all of our clients house important, confidential data on their internal servers. Many of these clients even fall under government regulations for network/data security (HIPAA, PCI, etc…). For this reason, AGJ has developed a layered approach to network security which protects mobile devices (you can erase email or an entire phone if it’s lost or stolen), computers (multiple layers of antivirus, antispam, and antispyware protection), servers, and network hardware (our managed firewall is updated every day to block the latest threats).

AGJ’s network security services can protect your in-house email server from outside attacks and even archive email for compliance purposes. We can keep your network safe from hackers and your computers safe from viruses. We can even track, manage, and remotely erase any mobile device if it’s lost or stolen.
We are happy to offer no-charge network security services for your network.

To learn more about our network security services, you can visit our webpage or give us a call at 228-392-7133.



The AGJ Team