Ryan Giles, of AGJ Systems & Networks, has just completed a new book detailing how to get
the most value from your company’s computer systems.

DATELINE Gulfport, MS / December 13, 2013 Have you ever felt frustrated when dealing with your computer or other business technologies? Do you feel like your office is behind the times or has outgrown its technology service provider? Does your office manager or other employees spend more time working on computers than on doing their real job?

Ryan Giles, Partner at AGJ Systems & Networks in Gulfport, MS, says that he hears these questions almost every day. After 12 years of supporting small and medium businesses across the Gulf Coast, he finally decided to answer these recurring questions in his new book The IT Survival Guide.

Readers of the book have expressed interest in topics such as “Critical Questions To Ask Before Hiring An IT Company”, “How To Prevent Technology Disasters”, and “How To Create An Acceptable Use Policy.” You’ll also find information on Cloud Computing, Common IT Misconceptions, Technology Project Management, Data Security, and even VoIP Phone Systems.

You can download your free copy of The IT Survival Guide on AGJ’s website at