AGJ Through the Years

May 4th, 2022
AGJ Through the Years

This May we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! AGJ managed IT services absolutely could not have made it this far without you – our clients. We want to thank each and every one of you for choosing to partner with AGJ and making us the #1 MSP in Mississippi. And we couldn’t have done it without our team members.

How did we achieve this milestone, though, and what does the future hold for AGJ? Find out what sets us apart from the competition on the Gulf Coast:

Our Clients Are Our Partners

We absolutely work to create positive relationships with each and every client. We love the people we work with, and there’s no better satisfaction than knowing we’ve helped our partners. Our number one goal is to always be in it for the clients. We need our partners to be a successful business, and we understand: Whatever happens to you, happens to us.

That’s why we regularly focus on keeping up with technology. It’s ever-changing, so our team completes ongoing training and certifications to ensure we’re meeting your needs and always ready to face new threats to your organization.

Our Team Has Over 300 Years of Experience in IT and Collaboration

There’s no doubt that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our team. With over 300 years of combined experience, every one of our employees brings something unique to the table. With expert knowledge of the industry, they have specialties that cover any knowledge gaps.

We take advantage of the tools that allow us to best serve our customers. With Teams, we’re able to collaborate easily with one another on your projects, questions, and concerns. Thanks to the cloud, we can also focus on reducing your downtime, especially when we face Gulf Coast storms.

And it’s not just about the knowledge and tools – it’s about working together as a team. We have a supportive environment. The IT attitude of “I’ll handle it myself” can be difficult to overcome, but our employees have each others’ backs. If someone has a personal family event, needs assistance, or has questions, dozens of individuals will speak up. No one is an island at AGJ managed IT services.

Lessons Have Been Learned Over the Years

Our team has learned plenty of lessons over the years – and not just from training. We treat our janitors like we treat our C levels. Our customers we treat as if they are our own grandmother. And leadership does not shy away from work. They’re crawling in the attics just like any other employee.

Of course, there’s also the all-important lesson of: You should only have one “Bring Your Pig to Work” day. Nikki helped us learn this when she brought her pig, Lu, to work for a client’s “Kiss a Pig” fundraiser. He managed to work his way free, running near a busy road, and had to be bribed and corralled with carrots and snacks! Multiple injuries later, he was safe, but that was the last time Lu or any other pig was allowed to visit AGJ!

The Sky Is the Limit for AGJ

We have the next 20 years now on the horizon, and we look forward to the challenge. As the bad guys get smarter, so do we. The environment and people we have on-staff will absolutely help us meet those threats and any hurdles we face, but they will also help us achieve our goals and growth.

The past 20 years of partnering with our clients have been an amazing ride, and we look forward to the next 20. We are in this for you, our partners, and we will always focus on being here to help you navigate your managed IT services needs.

Call us if you’re ready to have a talented MSP on your team: 228-300-9542.