7 Benefits of Switching to Office 365

December 11th, 2019
7 Benefits of Switching to Office 365


Benefits of Switching to Office 365

Many of our clients ask if they should consider a cloud-based, hosted email solution like Office 365, go to a free cloud-only solution like G-Suite or stay with a traditional on-premise Microsoft Exchange server.

There is no one-word answer. If you are working with an IT provider who doesn’t ask you questions, you may not get the right solution for your unique business needs.

Considering Cloud? Ask ‘How reliable is my internet connection?’

The benefit of choosing Office 365 versus a cloud-only solution like G-Suite is Office 365 can be used on- or off-line. If your G-Suite goes down, you and your entire staff are down. With Office 365, your team can stay productive by using apps like Outlook, Word and PowerPoint off-line and syncing the data when an internet connection becomes available.

For businesses with an unreliable internet connection and only one internet service provider, traditional Exchange servers are still the most reliable solution. At AGJ Systems, we work with businesses and organizations that have both cloud-based Office 365 solutions and traditional, on premise, Microsoft Exchange servers.

Office 365 Benefits to Small Business:

  1. Pay-as-you-go pricing By moving to Office 365, you get predictability and flexibility in your licensing. Microsoft allows your business to change licensing counts both up and down, a huge advantage in a seasonal area like Gulfport, Mississippi. With Office 365, your staffing changes can be adjusted on the fly, even for short-term events and festivals.
  2. Standardized business tools Your team has access to the same best-in-class business apps as enterprise organizations. With Office 365, you have Outlook to easily manage and communicate with your contacts and standard business apps like Excel, PowerPoint and Skype.
  3. Collaborate from anywhere With Office 365’s cloud synchronization, documents can be created on one device and shared with other contributors for easy collaboration in a secure environment. Microsoft Teams is a conversation thread for groups of people and provides easy access to your business apps such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel. With Teams, live collaboration with others in the same office or working remotely is seamless.
  4. Licensing flexibility The Office 365 license permits up to 5 devices per user. Your employees can use it on a mobile device, laptop or tablet. Being able to work from anywhere at any time increases productivity for businesses with a mobile or remote-based workforce.
  5. Multiple pricing plans Microsoft offers 3 plans for small businesses and 4 plans for enterprises. They offer separate plans for educational institutions, government agencies in the U.S. and various nonprofit organizations.
  6. Compliance-ready for PCI and HIPAA Office 365 cloud storage can be used to back up user and workstation data. All data uploaded to Microsoft cloud servers is protected by encryption and meets HIPAA and PCI regulations. Microsoft also offers two-factor authentication to prevent Office 365 and Outlook email accounts from being accessed if a password is compromised.
  7. Automatic updates With Office 365, Microsoft handles all updates; there is no downtime. You can choose to have updates occur for your team at a particular time of day or on the weekend to further reduce interruptions.

Trust AGJ Systems and Networks, A Microsoft Silver Partner

If you are considering moving your business applications to a cloud-based solution like Office 365, be sure to consult with AGJ Systems and Networks. Our local experts are fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

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