New Facebook Security Alert

August 19th, 2014

A security update from our friends at NASA:

Subject: Security Alert: Facebook Color-Changing Application is Malicious Scam – Don’t Take the Bait

To: All AGJ Clients, Vendors, Contractors and Friends

What is Happening: A recent social networking phishing campaign targets Facebook users by offering a link which claims to lead to a color-changing application for a Facebook user’s layout. If ‘clicked’ the link will re-direct to a malicious site which attempts to steal Facebook ‘Access Tokens’ granting malicious actors the ability to connect with the user’s Facebook friends.

Additionally, the phishing page attempts to infect the user’s system with Fake Antivirus and other malicious software. It has been reported that more than 10,000 Facebook users have already been affected by this malicious campaign. IT Security and anti-virus software company Bitdefender, has labeled it the second most-prevalent social networking scam to date.

Actions: Users who feel they may have already been infected should change their Facebook password immediately and remove the “color changer” application from their profile by visiting the Facebook “App” settings.

Additionally, do not use the same login name or password from work-related systems for Facebook or other external websites.

If you aren’t infected, continue to remain vigilant for this type of social networking scam, and learn how each social network rolls out its new applications, to ensure your security in the future.

If you have any questions or think you may have already been targeted, contact our
support team today!

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